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 Shenzhen KeZong Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of electronic components, after years of development, We has become one of the top electronic components supporting providers in China.the radiation, the main agents and distributors world-renowned brand SMD (SMT) electronic components: tantalum capacitors, chip capacitors, chip high-voltage capacitors, chip resistors, exclusion, inductors, SMD diode, SMD Transistor, LED, voltage regulator tube. major brands: YAGEO,AVX, Murata, Fenghua, UniOhm , Samsung ,TDK etc.
         Our products are widely used in communications products, power products, consumer products, computer products, automotive electronics and audio products, industrial products, lighting products, such as high-tech industry.
        Since its establishment, has been customer demand for product quality at the same time carry out a more favorable price. After years of pioneering and innovation, the company has extensive stock of resources, and throughout the worldwide customer base. The company has a large professional sales force, in a timely manner to provide customers with more comprehensive services.
        Business integrity, pragmatic and innovative company has been implementing the strategy, I believe there is no customer support on the company's future, the rapid development of e-commerce, the increasing market demand, we will be professional technology as the basis, the market demand, efforts to create with the Times, the pulse of the operating system.
       KeZong electronics will always be your most reliable partner and look forward to your inquiries and patronage.

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